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How can I open and edit the templates?

[iPad/iPhone] Simply choose a template you like and tap on it. A preview will appear. Then tap on the "Open in..." button in the top right corner of the app and select the appropriate editing app.

[Mac] Select a template you like and click on it. A preview will appear. Click on the "Open in..." button in the top right corner and choose a location, where you would like to save the template

What is the difference between templates and documents?

With the latest version of our apps you can change between exporting template files or document files. Tap on the gear icon to change this setting. When you export themes, they will be added to the theme chooser of the editing app. If you export documents, you can work directly on them.



How can I change the language?

All templates contain placeholder text. Please fill in your own content. Technically it is also not possible to create placeholder text for different languages. We're sorry for any inconvenience caused.

I have problems downloading or updating an app

Unfortunately we have no influence on the availability of our apps on the App Store or the Mac App Store. Sometimes a restart of your device can help to finish an interrupted download or restart it.

My problem is not listed here - Contact us directly

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